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Dinamus Corporation

Dinamus Corporation is a company located in Kani-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan. We have been operating in the region for over a decade in different business segments, offering high-quality products and services. Each of our departments has the respective licenses and certificates to operate effectively in Japan. Integrity, trust, efficiency and ethics of working are values that are taken seriously and reflected in our service. Our main objective is to provide an outstanding service for the satisfaction of our customers.

Dinamus Hall
Kani-shi, Gifu-ken

Dinamus Hall

Events hall for music concerts, congress, workshops and much more

Dinamus Events
Everything you need in one place

Dinamus Events

Dinamus Events has a large experience organizing and executing a high range of events.

Dinamus Grand Hall
Kani-shi, Gifu-ken

Dinamus Grand Hall

3-floor event hall locaten in Kani.

Dinamus Corporation


Dinamus Corporation has several departments in its structure. These are some, and for more information, you can access the individual websites of each department, which will explain in details the services available in each of them.

Dinamus Kensetsu

New homes

Dinamus Kensetsu has a large experience in construction of new homes in different regions of Japan.


If you want to buy a used house, or renovate your existing one, we can help you throughout the process.


We offer the service of construction and renovation of exterior, garden and carports for your home.

For companies

In our range of services you will find constructions of warehouses, retaining walls, studios, and several other works for companies here in Japan.

Dinamus World Food


We at Dinamus World Food provide a balanced meal to provide the energies your body needs.


Delicious breads that are made at Dinamus World Food every week.

Snacks and Sandwiches

Diversity of sandwiches and savory snacks on weekends

Sweets and cakes

We are able to take your pre-orders for sweets and cakes for your party.

Dinamus Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Dinamus Recording Studio is located in Kani-shi, Gifu-ken.


Large rooms for rehearsals and training with your band.

High-quality services

Recording, mixing and mastering of your song using professional equipment.


To book a studio room you can go to our webpage or call us.

Dinamus Corporation


This is our promotional video that has been screening in the prefectures hall in Kani and Seki.

Dinamus Design & Printing

Printing Services

We offer printing services for your company, such as personalized t-shirts, banners, flyers, mugs, embroidery, etc.



Buy and sale, maintenance of used and new vehicles.

Dinamus Media

Animation Studio

We produce corporate videos, 2D or 3D animations, explainer videos, among other related services.

Dinamus Housing

Real estate

Sale and purchase of houses and land. Full-assist on the entire process.

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